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Family law cases, particularly divorce cases and cases involving children, are emotionally challenging. The outcome of these cases can impact your entire family, so it’s important to resolve these matters quickly, effectively, and in your and your family’s interests. Even if you and your spouse or co-parent enter into divorce or custody proceedings amicably, the challenging decisions that have to be made can lead to contention.

When you work with a skilled Mason City family lawyer, they can help mediate conflict and help both parties come to an agreement. If mediation is unrealistic for your divorce or custody case, an attorney is invaluable to defending your point of view in litigation. Being represented by an attorney with years of experience in family law allows you to protect your rights and interests.

mason city family law lawyer

O’Mara Law Office, PLLC: Your North Central Iowa Family Lawyers

At O’Mara Law Office, PLLC, we understand how frustrating and emotionally challenging many family law decisions can be. We use our experience in divorce law and child custody and support cases to determine the ideal route for your family law case. We provide you with our undivided legal help and resources for simple and complex cases. Our attorneys can guide you through each step of the proceedings because we understand how important these cases are to your family’s future.

Our attorneys, Nellie O’Mara and Mario Lazo, are experienced in family law mediation and civil litigation, and Mario is a fluent native Spanish speaker. This allows our firm to help even more families get effective legal counsel.

Mediation is an ideal choice for many families in Mason City, IA, as it allows both parties to negotiate and determine a compromise that helps both of them and any children they may have. However, not every divorce or custody case can be solved through mediation. If you and your spouse have a contentious relationship, our attorneys can fiercely advocate for your rights in litigation. We work with you to determine what the right legal course of action is for your family law case.

Family Law Cases We Handle in Mason City, Iowa

The attorneys at O’Mara Law Office, PLLC, can help with your divorce case from beginning to end. We can also represent you in child custody and child support determinations, whether they are part of a larger divorce case or not.


A divorce is a hard choice for a married couple to make, but it may be the ideal option for them. Iowa divorces are filed as no-fault divorces, meaning spouses can file under irreconcilable differences rather than proving a reason for the marriage failing. A separation agreement or court order for divorce includes alimony, division of marital property, child custody, and child support.

To get a divorce in Iowa, you must meet the state’s residency requirement. One spouse must have lived in and been a resident of Iowa for 1 year. Once a divorce is filed, there is a 90-day waiting period before it can be finalized. A divorce attorney can help ensure that legal requirements and deadlines are met. One attorney can mediate between spouses or represent one party during litigation. Attorneys can look out for your interests and the needs of your family.

Child Custody and Visitation

When parents separate, child custody needs to be determined. This may be part of a divorce case or a separate issue. This includes determining physical custody, or where the child lives. It also includes legal custody, which determines which parent makes important decisions for their child.

Mediation allows parents to have control over the outcome of a custody arrangement. If both parties can reach an agreement outside of court, the court must still approve the custody arrangement. If the parties can’t agree, the court decides the custody arrangements for them. The court will always prioritize the child’s interests. A Mason City attorney can look out for the child’s interests and help parents ensure that a mediated agreement is likely to be approved by the court.

Child Support

Another important determination in a child custody case is child support. Iowa holds both parents financially responsible for their minor children. Child support is determined based on custody, income, the number of children, and other factors.

Generally, the parent with the most custody is paid child support by the parent with the least custody. The court will look at the combined income of both parents to determine the amount of the child support payments. These payments go toward living expenses, educational costs, healthcare, and any other essential needs of the children. A family law attorney can help defend your interests in court during child support determinations.

  • Contempt of Court Order
  • Paternity
  • Emergency Injunctions

Why Do I Need a Mason City Family Law Attorney?

Although legal representation is not required for a divorce or child custody case, it’s not recommended to navigate these cases yourself. Divorces, especially divorces involving children, can get complex and contentious very easily. Situations such as property division can often lead to serious disagreements.

When dealing with a divorce, there is a good chance you are still handling day-to-day life. This can make the process even harder. An attorney can ensure that you meet legal deadlines and other requirements for divorce or child custody determinations.

An attorney looks out for your family’s interests. Whether in mediation or litigation, an attorney may be able to help you:

  • Gather evidence to support your interests.
  • Negotiate with the other party.
  • Mediate disputes and disagreements.
  • Draft separation and custody agreements.

Family court can be overwhelming and confusing for many families. It can be much easier with reliable and professional legal help. An attorney can mediate between parties, or both parties can be represented by an attorney during negotiations. If necessary, your attorney can protect your interests in court.

O’Mara Law Office, PLLC: Your Family Law Attorneys in North Central Iowa

When you’re dealing with the difficulties of a family law case, know that we can help. At O’Mara Law Office, PLLC, we provide you with patient and understanding legal counsel. We help you from the start of your case to the very end and support you through this emotionally difficult time. We strive to give you our undivided attention. Contact O’Mara Law Office, PLLC, today to see how we can represent you in mediation or litigation and uphold your family’s interests.


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