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Navigating the legal system is often an overwhelming experience, but it is even more so when you are facing criminal felony charges. The consequences of a felony conviction are severe, and the ramifications are very real. The consequences are likely to affect both you and your loved ones for the rest of your life. Working with an experienced Mason City felony lawyer is one key way to build your defense case and increase your confidence in finding the most positive outcome.

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Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for You

When selecting legal support, you want an attorney who is not only qualified to understand your case and build a solid defense but also someone who will be attentive to you and your unique situation. The criminal defense lawyers team at O’Mara Law Office gives our undivided attention to each case we work on. Our over ten years of combined criminal law experience allows us to aggressively advocate for you and handle each case with professionalism and consistency.

Types of Felonies in Iowa

There are several different types of felonies. They may also include multiple classes of felony within them. Some of the more common types of felonies include, but are not limited to:

  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Operating While Intoxicated (OWI): OWIs are considered a felony on the third offense or on a subsequent offense
  • Assault
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Drug Possession

Consequences of Felonies

Felonies are the most serious criminal conviction you can receive in Mason City, Iowa. Being convicted of a felony is not only damaging to your reputation and relationships but also carries harsh criminal penalties like fines and jail time. If you have been convicted of felonies in the past, you may also struggle to get jail time commuted.

Long-term, a felony conviction is impactful as it may hinder your ability to meet basic needs such as employment, housing, education, and admission into programs like military service. It can impact your credit and your ability to take out loans.

If you are sentenced to years or decades in prison, this will mean time away from family and friends, as well as from building your career, skills, and hobbies. It could also lead to ruptures in relationships, such as a divorce or losing your parental rights. It is even possible to go to prison for the rest of your life as a result of a felony conviction.

What to Expect From a Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorney

Since felony convictions have such serious impacts on your life, you should do everything within your power to defend yourself and minimize the consequences of the criminal charges you are facing. A seasoned felony lawyer cannot change the circumstances of your situation, but they can:

  • Help you understand the legal process you are going through and the rights within it
  • Fill out necessary paperwork and forms, making sure that any documents are correctly filled out
  • Look into witness testimony and police reports, as well as doing research that may help build a stronger case for your defense
  • Advise you on ways to get your sentence lightened and work toward your desired outcomes
  • Support you, listen to your side of the situation, and advocate on your behalf

OWI Defense

Operating While Intoxicated cases may be considered a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. Drunk driving or driving while using other substances, even over-the-counter medications, can lead to an OWI charge. While it is always useful to have a legal professional walk you through your legal case, it is particularly important in OWI cases if there was an accident as a result of substance use.

If an OWI leads to the injury of one or multiple people, the case will automatically have more legal repercussions. If the injury caused was serious, like a back injury, you will not only have the possible criminal charges but also legal responsibility for the injuries of those injured. Consulting with competent legal aid can help you protect yourself from overly harsh consequences that could damage your ability to recover and resume life.


Q: What Is the Three Strikes Law in Iowa?

A: The “three strikes law” is effectively a statute dealing with habitual offenders. If you have two or more previous felony convictions and then are convicted of another felony, the three strikes law will come into play. In this case, a minimum of three years of prison must be served, with no option for parole.

Q: What Does Sentence Date Null Mean?

A: If you see “sentence date null” on your case, such as when viewing it online, you can interpret this as stating that you or the defendant has not been sentenced yet. Ask your lawyer for help understanding your information, particularly if you are struggling to interpret notes about your case.

Q: What Are the Classes of Felonies in Iowa?

A: There are four classes of felony in Iowa, ranging from Class D to Class A. Class A felonies are those with the highest penalties and sentences. The maximums for each class are laid out in the 2024 Iowa Code Title XVI and are as follows:

  • Class D: Up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,245 in fines
  • Class C: Up to 10 years in prison and up to $13,660 in fines
  • Class B: Up to 25 years in prison
  • Class A: Up to life in prison

Q: How Long Do You Have to Press Assault Charges in Iowa?

A: Different crimes have different statutes of limitations. Murder, for example, has no statute of limitation, and charges can be brought at any time. For other felonies, three years is standard. This 3-year limitation is measured either from when the crime was committed or from when DNA evidence became available. Assault charges, depending on the type, are usually considered a Class C or D felony, so you would have three years to press assault charges.

Partner With a Qualified Felony Lawyer Today

Being charged with any crime, particularly a felony charge, is an understandably overwhelming experience. If you or someone you know are facing felony charges, we understand that you have questions, concerns, and fears – both for yourself and your loved ones. Our team at O’Mara Law Office wants to work for justice and can fight on your behalf. Reach out to our team today and go into your case with greater confidence and peace of mind.


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